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Membership for KRNH is open to all residents of the Kinglake Ranges who have an interest in the aims and activities of KRNH and who support the existence of a Neighbourhood House in Kinglake.

The initial joining fee is $2.00 plus $5.00 for each additional year, payable before the time of our Annual General Meeting. Each financial member is entitled to vote at all general meetings in person or by proxy.

Committee of Management
The Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House committee of management is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  KRNH members elect the members of the Committee of Management and participate to ensure the KRNH meets it’s goals.

Who currently sits on the Committee of Management? 

President: Susan Zuber
Vice President: Julie Van Der Eynden
Secretary: Judi Wynn
Treasurer: Belinda Temby

General Members:
Sarah Matthews

Danae Sheldon

How do we contact the Committee of Management? 



Interested in joining the Committee of Management?

FANTASTIC.   You must be a member of the House to join the committee.  If you come along to AGM this year- to be held in November you will be able to Nominate.    Check back for more details soon or contact the House.